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Important rules in dealing with emails and attachments

5 Basic Rules to Create a Worry Free Inbox The email inbox is an essential personal and business tool. Inbox choices can overwhelm all of us. Make the system work for you and not against. Handling email attachments can be worry free or create a major problem. Dealing with these issues wi […]

Never open Email attachments in DOC, PDF or ZIP format!

Why You Should Never Open Email Attachments! They look tempting, don’t they? Underlined words signaling a link that takes you somewhere you really want to go. What harm could it pose to click on it? Plenty. And you will open your wallet wide if you must have your system de-bugged, so save yourself from expense and stress b […]

Freemail Provider AOL - What are the advantages?

America Online (AOL) is a free mail provider that is giving Hotmail, Yahoo, and G-mail a run for their money. It provides users with a wonderful experience while sending and receiving emails. It has features that make it convenient for most users. Also, it allows them to attach large files while sending emails. Comparing it to o […]

Insight on Yahoo Mail Services

Yahoo is one of the oldest mail service providers. With multiple services offered via its online platform, it has proven to be a market leader. The service holds millions of subscribers that enjoy faster communication among many other services. Today, many people utilize the internet to facilitate most of their communication nee […]

Endless features at your fingertips with

Introduction to Outlook Since 2012 Microsoft's Outlook has been one of the premiere web based email service providers. With over 400 million active users from all over the world, for most people just getting into emailing, Outlook seems like the top choice. Outlook started out as Hotmail, but was later purchased by Microsoft in […]

Freemail Provider - What are the advantages?

The Benefits of Hotmail Hotmail* offers numerous benefits and features. When used for email the option is simpler and cheaper than most of the other email applications. The simple email interface eliminates the need to have a program to configure emails. Hotmail uses technologies based on the open web. This means the only thi […]

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