Protecting Yourself from Dangerous Emails

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If you are reading this now, it is obvious that you do check your email. Have you been uncomfortable opening an email today? Did one of those messages that showed up in your mail seem fraudulent to you? There are many dangers of opening emails, and I want to help you protect yourself from those dangers.

Mail Attachments

Mail attachments are every hacker’s dream. One of the sad things about the world today is that there are people out there building viruses so that they can infect and destroy your computer. These viruses are designed by internet geniuses whose goal for their day is to mess up your computer. When an email arrives in your inbox that has a virus file attached, the internet scammer is given much more ability than just of your computer –you are also giving them access to your email list. With this email list they can email everyone you know from your best friend to your boss, making them believe it’s you. Always be careful before while opening an email attachment, you never know which email could have been sent by someone you shouldn’t trust.

The Dangers of Zip Files

A zip file is always much easier to work with than trying to send multiple emails to someone. If you are not sure what a zip file is, it is one file you build by compiling multiple large files. By sending out a zip file you can have everything you want sent out done in a fraction of a time. This is great news for anyone who sends a lot of files all the time, but this method of sending out emails is becoming one of the many online spammers’ best friends.
Spammers use this type of file, because they are harder for the recipient to see inside of before opening than other types of files. By sending you one of these mysterious packages, spammers are sure that you will have to open their files to see what is inside of them. This is one of the many ways they can use to get you involved in content you have been trying to stay away from, steal personal information from your computer, or infect your device with viruses that can cause future or instant damage to your device. Zip files can also throw off the anti-spam software that Email providers set up to keep you safe; there is no way for them to see what is inside of a zip file and protect you from its content. It is even possible for you to receive zip files from your bank, or other businesses files that will have actually been sent by hackers and spammers. Your best bet for protection against zip files as with all dangerous Emails is to use caution; many professional companies will never send you a zip file, so you can instantly know something is wrong if you receive one from a government official or anyone who would have your official information at hand. Never open a zip file without being completely sure what its contents are before opening it, and never feel like it is a bad idea to call the sender to ask for more information before you open anything you aren’t sure about.

For Your Protection Against Dangerous Note Files

Note files are another type of downloadable file that these internet spammers can use to break into your computer. These files are normally used to send small documents but an internet spammer is even able to convert these small files into a time bomb waiting to destroy your computer. Your best steps for protection are to never open an email from anyone unless you are completely sure you already know what is inside of it, never open any kind of zip file from a government or financial institution, and always make sure you have active protection against internet spammers. Internet protection might seem expensive at this moment but it is much cheaper than you and everyone you know having to buy new computer systems.