Important rules in dealing with emails and attachments

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5 Basic Rules to Create a Worry Free Inbox

The email inbox is an essential personal and business tool. Inbox choices can overwhelm all of us. Make the system work for you and not against.

Handling email attachments can be worry free or create a major problem. Dealing with these issues will take a bit of work. Face the situation and spend a few hours to get it done.

A myriad of current security offerings are available. The right choice will lessen the impact of malware and vicious email attachments.

Use these five rules to help get your email under control:

1.The most obvious rule depends on the provider. Most email companies offer a comprehensive settings page. Look around and set your preferences. These changes will be time-consuming. The long-term effects will be awesome. Specifically look at how you want to receive your email. At initial setup, check most of the features available. Go back to the inbox and see the change. There will be a lot of back and forth to each page. The effort will be worth it.
2.The amount of emails you receive determines how to manage your time. If there are hundreds, break them down into folders for easy management. If you receive a few into a business account, use the two-minute rule. The rule is simple: if it takes over two minutes to read, deal with it before moving on. Delete or move the email to another folder. Labels are a great way to separate emails from frequent senders.
3.Most providers give you a set of inbound routing rules. Once again, this may take some time to set up. Organization and time savings are huge. This step is a little geek so get help if you need it. If you want to tackle the routing rules yourself, first go to the providers help section and keep it handy. Providers know the value of a satisfied customer. Competition is ruthless.
4.Malware can bring down your inbox and computer before you know it. Business email systems cut malware off at the server level. Each user rarely sees the programs employed to combat malware. If you utilize one of the free email services, start looking for security software. Malware protection with free email providers are not the best. Thoroughly research security offerings and shop for your best configuration.
5.Awareness of attachments to the inbox can be the most important rule of all. Hackers have an easy way to your system by way of email attachments. At the most basic levels know who is ending you the attachment. If you do not recognize the sender, do not open it. Most security patches block the most common virus, trojan and worms that infect email. Keep the protection up to date.

Follow these common sense rules to maintain a worry-free inbox.