Freemail Provider – What are the advantages?

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The Benefits of Hotmail

Hotmail* offers numerous benefits and features. When used for email the option is simpler and cheaper than most of the other email applications. The simple email interface eliminates the need to have a program to configure emails. Hotmail uses technologies based on the open web. This means the only thing the user needs to access their Hotmail account is a web browser. The service is free because advertisers support the costs.

The POP Access and Convenient Folders

A Hotmail account can receive and sent attachments. Enhanced security features are provided such as phishing and locating and scanning for viruses. Fast email searching is provided. The account can be handled and personalized by the individual preferences of the user. Policy enforcement representatives and technical support teams are available to help any Hotmail account holder experiencing difficulties. Emails are easily searched because personal folders can be created. This is useful when searching for a specific message or email. Documents for office editing enable the user to use SkyDrive to p[en work documents. Hotmail can be used to edit, download and upload documents stored in the cloud. They can also be sent using the original format. The file compatibility is good.

The Syncs and Files

The Hotmail inbox can sync with social media accounts. Notifications can be sent through the Hotmail account to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The personal calendar saves important events and dates. Socialization between contacts and friends is possible by remaining in the window. Corporate users have active sync available. This program syncs the contacts, calendar and mail. SkyDrive enables Hotmail users to connect and use the internet from anywhere. 10GB of data can be stored and the data accessed from any location. This feature enables the user to share files and videos with their contacts.

Web Apps and Skype

Web programs do not have to be installed to use on a computer. They are easily accessible online for group and individual projects. Hotmail enables a connection to Skype. This provides a much easier tool to use for video chats with friends and family.

The Aliases and Connectivity

Hotmail enables account holders to create aliases. When a Microsoft device is used a different email name is shown. This provides different email addresses for numerous mailing needs without having to create a new email. This is accomplished by entering a different password or user name. The alias addresses can use the same password. One of the internets biggest advantages is connectivity. Hotmail is the first free mail provider based on the internet to enable users to escape the email service based on an ISP. All the user requires is a web browser and an internet connection to login to Hotmail. This can be done from all over the world. The current accounts for Microsoft Hotmail have been moved. The new location is an domain. Emails are still accessed using the same credentials for login. This enables Hotmail to offer all the benefits and modern features the users want through this domain.

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