Endless features at your fingertips with Outlook.com

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Introduction to Outlook

Since 2012 Microsoft’s Outlook has been one of the premiere web based email service providers. With over 400 million active users from all over the world, for most people just getting into emailing, Outlook seems like the top choice. Outlook started out as Hotmail, but was later purchased by Microsoft in 1997, for around 400m. However it wouldn’t be until nearly 15 years later that we would see the Outlook that we have today. So why is it that people have turned to Outlook to be their web based email solution? What features are provided that have people coming back every time they want to send an email? Let’s find out.

Features of Outlook

When it comes to your email provider, you want to be able to customize your email in any ways that you want. You want various features available whenever you need them. And overall, you want a simple, and easy to use experience. All of this is provided with Outlook.com. One of the top features of Outlook.com is the calendar. With the calendar you can plan out days, weeks, or even months in advance. Set contact or call back times with friends, family, or clients, and never miss an appointment again. With just a few clicks you can input appointment times, and be reminded in advance before that appointment is due. The „People“ feature on Outlook.com is another very useful tool when it comes to keeping all of your contacts conveniently grouped how you prefer them. Lastly, the security that comes with using Outlook.com is highly recognized as one of the most safe, and secure available. The comfort of knowing that your information that is being email is safe and sound, is enough to bring anyone that much wanted peace of mind.

Final Thoughts on Outlook

In closing Outlook.com is a user friendly email experience, with enough features to satisfy even the most tech savvy individuals. Whether you are using Outlook to stay in touch with distant friends and family. Or Outlook is your go to web based email provider for work and business relationships. One thing is clear. Outlook.com equipped and ready for all of it, and then some. With Microsoft constantly looking for ways to improve it’s programs and ensure an even better user experience, we are sure to see even better versions of Outlook in the future.